You are in good company when you support Josh Gallion for State Auditor

"Trust but verify."

Ronald Reagan

United States Air Force, Minot Air Force Base, 5 MSS (1998-2002)


Military Service

Accountability and Transparency


My Views

A common theme emerged from the numerous conversations I’ve had with citizens across this great state.  North Dakotan’s want more information about how their government is spending their money.  As the State Auditor, I am committed to cutting through bureaucratic red tape to provide objective, verified information that is easily understood and accessible by the public.

Improving public trust is accomplished by promoting and enhancing Transparent, Effective, and Responsive Government.

TRANSPARENT:  Government must be transparent to maintain the public’s trust that their government is spending their money appropriately.

EFFECTIVE: Applying auditing standards and laws objectively and consistently tests the effectiveness of the government programs and services.

Communicating the results of audits to the public using any and all technology available is vital to being responsive to the citizens demand for useful information.

Transparent, effective, and responsive is what you should expect and deserve from your government.

Associate in Arts, Bismarck State College

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Dickinson State University

Bachelor of Science in ACCOUNTING, Dickinson State University

Masters of Business Administration, University of North Dakota


  …love my family, my faith, and our right to bear arms.

  …am unapologetically pro-life.

  …still adhere to the Air Force Core Values of Integrity first, Service before    self, and Excellence in all we do.

  …love North Dakota as a great place to live, work, and raise a family. 

 And I will never sacrifice these.

My focus during this first term in office has been on implementing a value based culture, creating a communication strategy that prioritized the citizens first, and training and developing independent thinking leaders. 

VALUES: Our values are Respect, Excellence, Leadership, Integrity, and Teamwork.  These values are incorporated into every aspect of our operations from hiring new employees to drafting audit reports.

COMMUNICATION: The State Auditor is a constitutional officer elected by the citizens of North Dakota.  I work for you and will leverage any and all technology to put information into your hands.

LEADERS: Leadership is not a title or a position on an organizational chart.  Every member of the Auditor’s Office is trained and provided opportunities to be a leader.  This is vital because leaders have the courage to ask questions, share ideas, give and accept constructive criticism, and help build a positive culture that values the individual contributions that combine into our team success.